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by ShadowX
Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:46 pm
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Topic: La La Land
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Re: La La Land

I have the U.S. Amazon version as well and none of the above playlists were correct. The Amazon BD has something like 400 title playlists! But, using the method described in the thread here I took the time and figured out the correct playlist. I confirmed it is correct by playing it back at x10 spee...
by ShadowX
Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:06 am
Forum: Blu-ray discs
Topic: The Force Awakens
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Re: The Force Awakens

For those wondering about forced subtitles for alien speech (non English)... The alien speech English subtitles are burned directly into the video. There are no separate subtitle tracks for these forced subtitles. There is an English subtitle track but that is for all the dialog. I have the Amazon B...