Supernatural: Season 2 - Not separate episodes?

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Re: Supernatural: Season 2 - Not separate episodes?

Post by ndjamena » Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:00 pm

Did you read my post above?

MakeMKV doesn't separate Titles into their component M2TS files. There are plenty of movies that are made up of multiple M2TS files so it's difficult to know what the hell to do with any particular disc.

MakeMKV isn't magic. I've already put in a feature request for "Split By M2TS" and since we just got "Split By Chapter/Cell" for DVDs hopefully a similar function for Blu Ray is on the way.

If you look you'll see the episodes are grouped oddly because of the existence of commentary tracks in some of the episodes and in fact the commentary tracks are the only reason the episodes are split at all, otherwise you'd only have the large "Play All" tracks to complain about, which is all that's on a lot of discs.

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Re: Supernatural: Season 2 - Not separate episodes?

Post by mgutt » Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:12 pm

Maybe this helps others:

Disc 3 of Supernatural Season 1 contains 3 titles and only the first title contains a german audio track so it must be the one I need. Sadly this title contains episodes 13 to 18 (as labeled on the disc) in one file.

After the MKV is generated through MakeMKV, I played it through VLC and checked the chapters. eg "Chapter 08" are the credits of "Episode 13" and "Chapter 09" is the intro of "Episode 14":
2019-06-12 15_41_52.jpg
2019-06-12 15_41_52.jpg (15.51 KiB) Viewed 863 times

But beware. There is a bug in VLC. If your VLC window is too small the mouse pointer displays the wrong chapter for the same timestamp:
2019-06-12 15_39_37.jpg
2019-06-12 15_39_37.jpg (10.23 KiB) Viewed 863 times

Maybe the best is to use the VLC menu to jump through the chapters and count manually.

Now I opened the same file in MKVToolNix and choosed in the tab "output" the "split by chapters" option and added the following chapters:

Code: Select all

After clicking on "Start multiplexing" it produces 6 mkv files. As MKVToolNix does not re-encode it works relatively fast. Its sad that MakeMKV does not include such a feature as every title contains as much segments as episodes. A "create by segments" option would be helpful so I started a feature request here: ... 10&t=19746

Feel free to support it.

Chapters for the german Supernatural Blu-Rays (BR):

Season 1
BR1: 7,14,21,28,35
BR2: 8,15,23,31,38
BR3: 9,17,24,32,40
BR4: 8,16,24

Season 2
BR1: 9,17,25,33,41
BR2 title00: 9
BR3 title03: 9
BR4 title05: 9,17

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