Hard drive pulses while program is idle

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Hard drive pulses while program is idle

Post by drkrdr318 » Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:42 pm

:? Past few days I have been leaving makeMKV open after ripping DVDs on occasion. I have noticed the hard drive pulsing continuously until the program is shut down. maybe a little bit of wear and tear on the drive without notice.

Additionally, windows WMI provider host has been using an unusually large amount of resources as of late until I perform a full restart of the PC. I don't see a relation to makeMKV with the WMI. But I am wondering what MKV is repetitively seeking on the hard drive while there are designated folders set?

The only other instance of this happening was with Origin from EA games. This was caused by a seek error in the program during development; often the program would "forget the folder location" and rerun the allocated drive and folder location code over and over causing the hard drive to be constantly running and high ram usage.

Not pointing fingers here, easy to shut down the program for it to stop, and I wanted to leave a side note for the developer(s).

More curious if anyone has noticed or has the same issue?

There is no showing of virus activity on my PC. No persistent usage of the ethernet adapter, windows call to the updater more often, I have been doing a consistent amount of work with virus protection and windows to find the problem with the WMI provider host which seems to correlate with windows update only. I guess in a way windows is a virus with their features and persistent updates.

Great Program, haven't had an issue. Hope this is informative and may correct an early issue.

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Re: Hard drive pulses while program is idle

Post by Woodstock » Thu Oct 10, 2019 12:51 am

Couple of questions. Is your HD activity light separate for each drive, or shared for all SATA devices? My hot-swap drives have their own activity lights, but any access to any drive (including the SATA BD drive) flashes the "system" HD light as well.

I do know that MakeMKV will make repeated status calls to the optical drive to work around the "sleep bug" some UHD drives have. Depending on how your system is set up, they may be displayed as HD activity. Does the Resource Monitor show WHICH drive resource is being accessed?
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