Prevent auto-suspend while MakeMKV is running (Linux XFCE)

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Prevent auto-suspend while MakeMKV is running (Linux XFCE)

Post by RandomForumGuy » Tue Jan 14, 2020 7:43 pm

I'm using MakeMKV on Manjaro Linux. Works great!

I have my system set to auto-suspend (i.e. go to sleep mode) after 30 minutes of inactivity. Many runs of MakeMKV take longer than 30 minutes. So often the system will go into suspend/sleep mode before the MakeMKV job is done. Once the system is woken, MakeMKV continues to run without issue. But I'd prefer some way to make the auto-suspend more sophisticated, so that it knows that if MakeMKV is active, that it should not allow the system to sleep.

If anyone is aware of any system-side setting I can change or tweak I can make, that would be great. If not, if there is any way MakeMKV can "hint" to its environment that the system is active and should not auto-suspend, I'd like to suggest that as an enhancement.

FWIW, my desktop is OpenBox as my window manager, along with some XFCE components. XFCE is responsible for the auto-suspend functionality.


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