Episodic disk ripping

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Episodic disk ripping

Post by Anametureenthisiast » Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:04 pm

Hi Everyone

I have a Blu-ray disk that contains a whole season of a TV show I watch, the problem is (strangely) when makemkv analyses the disk it produces only 3 titles and when I convert all 3 (as no title is significantly bigger indicating the actual video) the output files all contain bits of the season. The problem is that the season is split (seemingly) randomly between the 3 segments, no part would have concurrent segments eg part 1- episodes 1-4 part 2 episodes 4-6 etc they seem to be paired randomly making it a mammoth task to split and rearrange them.

Ive never encountered this problem before and apart from this, its a fantastic piece of software which works flawlessly! However is there any way in which to have each "episode" on the disk separated in a output file or have the software rip the disk in the format a Blu-ray player would play them (that is to say in order)?

Any help would be amazing!


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Re: Episodic disk ripping

Post by alxscott » Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:06 pm

Not sure if this was the exact issue I had; but I know when i had issues with TV Shows Mike told me to do a Whole Disc backup with MakeMKV, then delete the PLAYLIST and BACKUP folders. Then load the BDMV ( If i remember right) file in MakeMKV and I was able to pull out all of the individual episode mkvs...

That might help! :)

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