Problematic HD-DVDs

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HD-DVDs still play in 2019

Post by planet1 » Sat Mar 30, 2019 3:24 pm

ranger671 wrote:
Fri Mar 29, 2019 11:45 pm
I have a number of HD-DVD's .., what drive are you using to read these discs into your system ...?

The cheapest and most fuss-free solution would be a Xbox 360 HD-DVD addon drive, which you can connect via USB 2.0 to your PC.

AFAIK most if not all the internal HD-DVD ROM alternatives featured a PATA connector, for which you need a SATA male to IDE female adapter nowadays.


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Re: Problematic HD-DVDs

Post by Data_Dan » Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:40 pm

ranger671 wrote:
Fri Mar 29, 2019 11:45 pm
I have a number of HD-DVD's that I would like to salvage. If you don't mind, what drive are you using to read these discs into your system and how are you making the connection(sata, usb, etc.)?
I use an LG GGC-H20L SuperMulti internal SATA drive. It's very rare nowadays but there is a used one on Ebay for $69.95 US

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Re: Problematic HD-DVDs

Post by DirtyCajunRice » Sat Apr 20, 2019 7:56 pm

1) American Me
2) Universal Studios Home Entertainment
3) .EVO files? never even seen that before... mediainfo says they are VC-1
4) DD+ 5.1 / DD+ 2.0
5) Backup option grayed out. Can only convert to mkv
6) DEBUG: Code 3221225486 at /#i^dV2 QD51N^S+0^g8:29394390

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Re: Problematic HD-DVDs

Post by r0d3nt » Fri Oct 25, 2019 6:09 pm

1) 300
2) Warner Home Video
3) 1080p/VC-1
4) DDPlus 5.1
5) Fails almost immediately when trying to backup. I can rip some individual tracks, not the main track however as it encounters media errors after about 15 minutes. I was able to build a ddrescue image of the hddvd, but I'm unable to pair it with a discatt.dat as the backup immediately fails and never generates one.
6) Debug log

Code: Select all

# makemkvcon --debug --noscan --directio=false backup disc:1 /root/rip/dme
Debug log started at Fri Oct 25 00:06:59 2019 , written by MakeMKV v1.14.3 linux(x64-release)
Using 262272KB for read cache.
001005:0000 MakeMKV v1.14.3 linux(x64-release) started
001004:0000 Debug logging enabled, log will be saved as /root/MakeMKV_log.txt
005072:0000 Backing up disc into folder "/root/rip/dme"
001003:0020 DEBUG: Code 0 at UB`Z)HS1-zNT6UNY:213142243
No SDF v042: TOSHIBA_DVD/HD__X807616_MC08_692W030969
DEBUG: Code 0 at S(k|~QG=Z=`9'(=YGOE:213138793
001003:0020 DEBUG: Code 0 at S(k|~QG=Z=`9'(=YGOE:121270766
001003:0020 DEBUG: Code 0 at S(k|~QG=Z=`9'(=YGOE:29403360
001003:0020 DEBUG: Code 0 at &Y}.>L,<f[)%Q5Ol,mqv:121264855
005069:0080 Backup failed
005080:0204 Backup failed.
Application exited at Fri Oct 25 00:07:03 2019

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Re: Problematic HD-DVDs

Post by johnsmith101 » Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:59 am

Any idea why I can't get 5.1 Audio on my HD-DVD rips? Blu-Ray is working just fine.

I get audio, just not 5.1. So far I've tried:

Flag of our Fathers

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Problematic HD-DVDs - HOT ROD

Post by planet1 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:42 pm

2) Paramount
4) DolbyTrueHD + DolbyDigitalPlus
5) MakeMKV takes a long time to open the disc, misses the main movie and fails to rip the rest
missing_Main_Movie_HOT_ROD.PNG (77.54 KiB) Viewed 21330 times
ripping-failure_HOT_ROD.PNG (88.23 KiB) Viewed 21330 times

6) Disc is readable and rips fine with DumpHD

Code: Select all

8154da76b9ac93be236f2da59b7c3d0c *HVDVD_TS\ANCESTORS.EVO
6c148f94e7971ca9bdf4e70b6a1d3702 *HVDVD_TS\ANCESTORS.MAP
19f7c286addb59c95d0fe3adccb4e793 *HVDVD_TS\BLACK.EVO
4ccd6a6d655aa9a2e5c67e68dca1f3ba *HVDVD_TS\BLACK.MAP
69e69135f9aace08a765fef227414fae *HVDVD_TS\DEL10_TOYS.EVO
165a484413825fd9ef67903e041f3a25 *HVDVD_TS\DEL10_TOYS.MAP
0206f071517b115032bf0d29b446cdad *HVDVD_TS\DEL11_DOUBLEDATE.EVO
aaad76390f7449d41b0c6b38656476c3 *HVDVD_TS\DEL11_DOUBLEDATE.MAP
353a5b61a413320be7090c6790e9e6af *HVDVD_TS\DEL12_SCREENING.EVO
b875828c7e4d05853bce6304106591b9 *HVDVD_TS\DEL12_SCREENING.MAP
f476ae7981b68a8a0bc757db96a1fbee *HVDVD_TS\DEL13_GOTH.EVO
26f83326bd3cc5394e2ee4cd7cc1486c *HVDVD_TS\DEL13_GOTH.MAP
ff290bac2c146ef5f0052c179af99f8c *HVDVD_TS\DEL14_HITSLADY.EVO
6601052b3415fd7fd97822db5afcbe1a *HVDVD_TS\DEL14_HITSLADY.MAP
ff3978bfcf99302260a7d0c518faccd5 *HVDVD_TS\DEL15_BARRYPASTERNACK.EVO
99bacf9db3f3f551acdb2eb5d35153f1 *HVDVD_TS\DEL15_BARRYPASTERNACK.MAP
b54712c1c90311b9eb3c1ca34225cae1 *HVDVD_TS\DEL16_KEVINSINGS.EVO
2f62a40193d0ad8632588da54d7c02cd *HVDVD_TS\DEL16_KEVINSINGS.MAP
c266f397a26fcc24056160ff004136ae *HVDVD_TS\DEL1_OPENINGCREDITS.EVO
71fb726edf4a134dda2e55fc2f10716e *HVDVD_TS\DEL1_OPENINGCREDITS.MAP
0b802dbc8ddb1d82a9556e160667edb2 *HVDVD_TS\DEL2_SHUTDOOR.EVO
80603e31b26bea39016de7c0b4f75417 *HVDVD_TS\DEL2_SHUTDOOR.MAP
dd03f1ff2e51fecde87da06952ac5ce3 *HVDVD_TS\DEL3_DENISE.EVO
cd9688b0b681ba4188862f9e8433faaf *HVDVD_TS\DEL3_DENISE.MAP
5d471985854e3ffd3c03c0247643a587 *HVDVD_TS\DEL4_LAMPS.EVO
907460df7319e925e758e3f2b00ac376 *HVDVD_TS\DEL4_LAMPS.MAP
1d0f93d7f62b8f225b4188fdfa6b2442 *HVDVD_TS\DEL5_RICOHI5.EVO
f872d6901371f9081230e70902755ade *HVDVD_TS\DEL5_RICOHI5.MAP
273dc5e764e077f76eca8b9a8cb7e1e9 *HVDVD_TS\DEL6_CONVERSE.EVO
45ecdb6b7b094930da25ac6661c0e904 *HVDVD_TS\DEL6_CONVERSE.MAP
26a323d466a6c1279849ab0141149ef5 *HVDVD_TS\DEL7_GARAGETALK2.EVO
6d324878e1530865601ca2530260fa60 *HVDVD_TS\DEL7_GARAGETALK2.MAP
d304fdb7660b8d36112394f13b3b0155 *HVDVD_TS\DEL8_SHOTGUN.EVO
dddb5b13014908d156243e75b5e6da2e *HVDVD_TS\DEL8_SHOTGUN.MAP
a52dc1e06f03c1ec0a09c0728d7184c7 *HVDVD_TS\DEL9_DINNER.EVO
e3dfa9c2d90c5b1d29be7dec092acf13 *HVDVD_TS\DEL9_DINNER.MAP
182ae9e5aea65c9e61d1a128ee891902 *HVDVD_TS\FEATURE_1.EVO
fe4427b6e3bf9f9b0f86f6339eee2d7f *HVDVD_TS\FEATURE_1.MAP
47c5ad3c05d3bcd7d384ce51d6c22fc1 *HVDVD_TS\FEATURE_2.EVO
bbe137d080ff042d64dbdc8c078ba1eb *HVDVD_TS\FEATURE_2.MAP
cb1fe3727c3a1adae84063f2305fcab3 *HVDVD_TS\HVA00001.VTI
9d9f5dc5a1b74dc21b61c587191d9a49 *HVDVD_TS\KARAOKE_EASTEREGG.EVO
12682f0630e6552798f9d44740073e7d *HVDVD_TS\KARAOKE_EASTEREGG.MAP
e385b5f47e872caf59390dcbd56006c9 *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_DONUT.EVO
16ce452a3f325856b4e659e6d4b97cc7 *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_DONUT.MAP
57d29f508e795c81ac02627016112054 *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_JETSKI.EVO
dfa25fb31ef86ca0e6c4bef81c73a835 *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_JETSKI.MAP
c23c54347c713f26d2141f3f5607bd40 *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_REMEMBER.EVO
0562d87651423dc3ae047128e3ebb0ee *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_REMEMBER.MAP
437d7918f883518f012fdf41aff8c962 *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_STUNTMAN.EVO
5f4d72372ced13dfb4e06aaf8232128d *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_STUNTMAN.MAP
e6e59b6cd630192c4c0d805e8ee50032 *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_TR1.EVO
9496356f4698057d7b9324d42f35f1da *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_TR1.MAP
f4aadd49e1a85dee2287a39e4177d841 *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_TR2.EVO
c3d61b852d95547660ca01764c9062f9 *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_TR2.MAP
0abbe8ad51768d55c35bd9b071ce9c53 *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_TR3.EVO
58ea3324a1b084c1ad2261dad81ab55b *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_TR3.MAP
8389a249f6acc31f1f61a2f7fa279648 *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_TR4.EVO
a2dc737ad28dbf5e61063b6a18680709 *HVDVD_TS\KEVINVIDEO_TR4.MAP
56208a8e506775dc02e4ee0c4324dc65 *HVDVD_TS\MAINMENU.EVO
e8b161e3e31eefa84db7299bfd9a9f95 *HVDVD_TS\MAINMENU.MAP
af7b9a987a36bb9d321be04025881828 *HVDVD_TS\ORCHESTRA.EVO
3e12d57dc63fe36efcf703ab59394a65 *HVDVD_TS\ORCHESTRA.MAP
6f8dd12576111d050d13b8ef1d2a1756 *HVDVD_TS\OUTTAKES.EVO
5e34514cbe6a77cb192a9abdd903c260 *HVDVD_TS\OUTTAKES.MAP
81547748397e520d21dee25873b27c50 *HVDVD_TS\PARALOGO.EVO
e173a27f357c4550e96fd5ef13248b4d *HVDVD_TS\PARALOGO.MAP
4571c3151e8bdb75c2e141b818419e76 *HVDVD_TS\PUNCH_DANCE.EVO
a16160d2fb8ad2827b46b44d92bf6424 *HVDVD_TS\PUNCH_DANCE.MAP
ebf1d69a1d1f4cae74633586156aafdd *HVDVD_TS\THEATRICAL_TRAILER.EVO
e984d8baf9e2198f2f2632c2d051f72a *HVDVD_TS\THEATRICAL_TRAILER.MAP
(262.23 KiB) Downloaded 430 times

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Re: Problematic HD-DVDs

Post by Firekill » Sun Jun 14, 2020 9:55 am

I’ve ripped a few hd DVDs but only 2 are playing correctly through Plex , the elephant man plays but audio is out of sync and plays like in slow motion. Is this to do with the FPS and pull down flags ? I’ve read handbrake removes them is this correct?

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salvage HD-DVD content

Post by planet1 » Sun Jun 21, 2020 8:55 pm

As salvaging ones HD-DVDs becomes a more pressing concern by each passing month, here are a two German HD-DVDs which refuse to open in MakeMKV (even when decrypted with dumphd).
terminator.png (42.93 KiB) Viewed 14913 times
death_proof.png (67.58 KiB) Viewed 14913 times

Code: Select all

001003:0020 DEBUG: Code 0 at R[Yx-6#%vhZ3@:213130007
005010:0000 Failed to open disc

Will the "HVA00001.VTI" from each "HVDVD_TS" directory do, or do you need more files?

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Re: Problematic HD-DVDs

Post by Template » Mon Aug 17, 2020 12:25 am

I use an LG GGC-H20L SuperMulti internal SATA drive. It's very rare nowadays but there is a used one on Ebay
Step by step!

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