Need help understanding which chapters to choose

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Need help understanding which chapters to choose

Post by Unibrowser » Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:39 pm

I am trying to rip the Dragon Ball box set. The first disc was easy, just like a movie, there was one big file that obviously held all of the episodes. But to my dismay, I move onto disc 2 and all of the chapters are split up and I have no idea how to rip this properly. Any idea on what to do?

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Re: Need help understanding which chapters to choose

Post by Grauhaar » Fri Apr 19, 2019 6:50 am

On most box sets you have one title for each "episode" and an overall playlist which includes ALL "episodes". This can be verified by selecting all the single episodes and take a look into the MPLS stream segment map. Write it down or remember it. Now look into the overall MPLS playlist and you can find the same stream segment maps again, for each epiosde all together. Maybe a small segment map is not includes, this can be something at the beginning or end which is only includes once, but it depends on the studio.

I never use the one in all title file. Yes, it's easy to rip and you have all in one big file, but it is better to have the episodes seperated, with numbers and names for each episode.

If you are unsure in your case what sould be selected, check the size, the number of chapters, audio and subtitle tracks. Normaly it's easy to find the right titles for ripping.
Good Luck :)
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