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Feature Request: Deselect sub-segments

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:42 am
by ewanchapman
I rip both the main movie, and all bonus features. On movies with seamless branching (more than you think - I'm impressed with how much some studios change the video stream for multi-lingual releases; or for in-line bonus features), the main movie title(s) can be composed of many many segments. When I'm sorting through the additional bonus features on the disc, I end up having to keep referring back to the main title for its segments, then scroll through the titles that MakeMKV created out of those individual segments and uncheck them. It would be nice if I could right-click on the main title and choose "Unselect other titles composed of these segments", and it would automatically uncheck them all. Note that I do NOT want to automatically do this for all titles, since discs will often have a "Play All" title for things like deleted scenes, that I want to keep as separate files.