Average failed rip rate for Blu-ray disk

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Average failed rip rate for Blu-ray disk

Post by leung19 » Thu Jul 16, 2020 10:57 pm

Hello All,

I have been ripping BR disk for about two years now. I have two drives installed on my desktop. Lately, I have been averaging about 2 failed rip per 10 disks. I will try to rip the disk with both drives, but the result usually the same.

I'm wondering if my rip failure number is in line with everyone else? Oh, is my drive getting old, and need replacement?

FYI, both of my drive are at least 5 years old
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Average failed rip rate for Blu-ray disk

Post by Woodstock » Fri Jul 17, 2020 12:28 am

I've had no disks in the last 6 months or so that I could not rip, but some fought like hell. If cleaning didn't take care of the problem, changing drives usually did. Having 6 different ones within 5 feet of the desk helps.
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Re: Average failed rip rate for Blu-ray disk

Post by Navvie » Thu Jul 23, 2020 9:23 pm

I have two drives, a Pioneer BDR-205 and Asus BW-16D1HT and can't remember the last time a disc that wasn't clearly physically damaged failed to rip.

Before LibreDrive, the Pioneer - with its 2011 firmware - used to rip DVDs and Blu-Rays significantly faster than the Asus. These days the Pioneer is only used when I buy a boxset.
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Re: Average failed rip rate for Blu-ray disk

Post by CaptainX » Sat Aug 22, 2020 8:30 pm

I used to have a lot but it seems like it was related to the firmware I was using. I'm using a WH16NS40 from Amazon made in 2020 with a Vantech enclosure and by the time I flashed it the recommendation here was to use WH16NS40 1.03mk. Some BD-100 (triple layered movies) would return "hash failed" errors. I then reflashed to WH16NS60 1.02mk as from the new recommendation and set the read speed to 0=99 and U3=0 and now they all work flawlessly except for one disk and it's obviously a defective disk as the disk skips during playback on a player. So my actual failure rate from 75 blu-rays/4k UHD disc is about 1/75 now and it's from a defective disk.

I feel that if the disks are fine and you are open to fiddling a bit with the firmware and read speed you will eventually find a sweet spot that will work well.

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