1.8.4 bug fix: DTS-HD channel layout?

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1.8.4 bug fix: DTS-HD channel layout?

Post by Taishou » Fri Jul 26, 2013 2:05 am

EDIT: Forget it, I only converted to FLAC when tracks were LPCM, in the cases with DTS-HD MA and TrueHD I left them untouched. Lol, stupid me. Still, if there are more details to that bug fix it'd be nice to know.

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According to the last version: "When using audio transcoding, channel layout was incorrect for certain DTS-HD surround modes"

I used audio transcoding quite a bit for DTS-HD MA tracks in v1.8.3, saved me from having to de-mux, convert and re-mux manually. Very useful. But now it turns out I may have incorrect channel layouts? Is there any explanation what modes are those? I didn't find more specifications regarding the changelog. Like if it affected only 6.1 or 7.1 channel configurations and 5.1 were fine (my BDs are all 5.1).

Just to see if the rips were affected. Ripping BDs is quite slow, it'd be a pain to do it all over again :(


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Re: 1.8.4 bug fix: DTS-HD channel layout?

Post by crowfax » Fri Jul 26, 2013 3:25 am

Assuming you kept the audio as it was on the disc, everything will be fine.
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Re: 1.8.4 bug fix: DTS-HD channel layout?

Post by austingrd » Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:28 pm

How about audio transcoding? Has this been checked upon already?
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