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WHS 2011 Advise

Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:16 am
by megalodon
I need some advise. I have for the last 5 years been successfully backing up my Blu-rays using My Movies for WHS 2011 and playing them back as an ISO through my HTPC (i5 Intel NUC's)
Over the years I have tried other front end's like XBMC, Openelec etc and now that Openelec 4.0 beta seems to be running very well I want to make a change. I do however get very tired of the time it takes TMT5 to open ISO's and the My Movies interface which is looking tired and dated. The system however works very well. I have all my Blu-ray ISO's on My WHS 2011 with Transparent Raid and I have been copying an ISO wirelessly to my Macbook Pro and changing it to MKV movie only format and then sending it back to the WHS wirelessly and checking the MKV in Openelec. Its a very long process. So Im looking for advise on a better way to do it. I have 48TB of space so no problems on the sever but I wondered if I ran Make MKV on WHS 2011 and give admin rights if I could convert the movies directly on the server to an external USB drive plugged in the server and then copy them back to the server. I was going to use and external USB drive in case I have issues with pulling from the server and then back to the server in one hit affecting the parity drives. I will look at future options but my aim at the moment is to look at my large Blu-ray collection in ISO format on my server first. Maybe I will build a smaller server and look at dumping WHS and using Unraid and using an external BD drive with my Macbook Pro for future Blu-ray's I buy. I can carry on how I'am but it a long long process. I do have AnyDVD HD on the server and may need that in the future for problem Blu-rays but unfortunately it only runs in windows and I want to get rid of windows using just my macs, openelec and maybe unraid. My collection of 3D Blu-rays will just reside in ISO's on the server for now and if Im honest Im really not that bothered about 3D anymore since I sold my projector and went back to a large LED TV.