use selection code to skip ripping CC track?

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use selection code to skip ripping CC track?

Post by onethings » Tue Apr 02, 2019 5:37 am

Been ripping my DVDs and blu-rays for a while now. Big fan of MakeMKV, has made this a lot easier.

I was running an older version just fine, updated, and started getting some extremely slow rips. At first I thought maybe I had a weird season of a TV show, but finishing up one box set and moving to another, the problem continued. Seemed like it would read a whole episode at .5x, .6x speed, and after half an hour or so it would suddenly pick up and rip at normal speed. Each time it finished I'd get a message about a track being empty.

Talking about doing a 4-episode DVD disc in about 15 minutes, normally, vs about 2 hours with this delay.

A little googling helped me identify the CC track on the discs as the culprit. I tried setting the path to ccextractor (running Windows) but that didn't seem to help. The only thing that got it back to the previous speed was deselecting the CC track.

Previously I'd just been using "+sel:all". So I tried to add some different options both before and after that: "-sel:cc", "-sel:(subtitle&cc)", "-sel:subtitle:cc" and it keeps reporting "Invalid token". I want to basically archive these discs, which is why I've been using "+sel:all".

Is it possible to use the advanced selection code to skip the CC track by default? Is my usage of "+sel:all" confusing it, in which case I'd need to write a code to select everything except for the CC? Or is "CC" not a recognized token for the selection code?

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Re: use selection code to skip ripping CC track?

Post by Chetwood » Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:22 am

No, it's not.
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