[Feature Request] Selection counting for filename template syntax

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[Feature Request] Selection counting for filename template syntax

Post by mgutt » Wed May 08, 2019 9:14 pm

Variable N, M or T count independently of the selected titles. I like to have a counting starting at 0+X and considering the selected titles.

The reason is that tv shows with unwanted titles raise the title count so it results in this example s01e05 but should be s01e02:
2019-05-08 23_07_42.jpg
2019-05-08 23_07_42.jpg (63.73 KiB) Viewed 596 times
In addition the starting number should be changable as with the second DVD it should start at 05 and end with 08 (next four episodes):
2019-05-08 23_35_42.jpg
2019-05-08 23_35_42.jpg (56.64 KiB) Viewed 591 times
My proposal is the following syntax for the first DVD:

Code: Select all

and this for the second DVD:

Code: Select all

And "S" should only increment on selected titles.

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Re: [Feature Request] Selection counting for filename template syntax

Post by fenring76 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 3:50 am

FWIW, this is my current workaround:

In MakeMKV, I rename the entire disk "Series Title - s##d#" where ## and # are season and disk number. In the Advanced tab->Output file name template, I change "t_" to "r", so my files end up looking like "Series Title - s20d2r09.mkv"

Importantly, that is not an episode number, but a "rip" number. Although there are often gaps, generally episodes still seem to be in the proper order. I rip all the disks of a series this way, so I end up with:

"Series Title - s01d1r00.mkv"
"Series Title - s01d1r03.mkv"
"Series Title - s01d2r00.mkv"
"Series Title - s09d3r13.mkv"

Then, using a quick-and-dirty python script, I sort and rename the files based on their season, disk, and rip number. The rip number gets replaced with a number from an incremental counter which resets between seasons, but not between disks:

"Series Title - s01e01.mkv"
"Series Title - s01e02.mkv"
"Series Title - s01e03.mkv"
"Series Title - s09e10.mkv"

The script then moves all the files to the property directory for Plex to pick up.

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