How to get Title Audio Info (makemkvcon)?

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How to get Title Audio Info (makemkvcon)?

Post by Sub.S7v7n » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:13 pm

I'm currently writing PHP using a web gui for MakeMKVcon (including FFmpeg).
And have a question.
Is there an easy way to read title info (audio, subs, size, length)?
Perfect would be an array.

Thanks in advance. :)

Currently, I read the saved file line by line:

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		  if (file_exists($disc_progress)) {unlink('disc_progress');}
		  if (file_exists($DISC_Info)) {unlink('DISC_Info');}
		  echo $DVD_Info=shell_exec("sudo makemkvcon -r --minlength=$minlength info disc:0 > DISC_Info");
		        /// get title
                $lines = file('DISC_Info');
                $searchstr = 'CINFO:2,0,';
                foreach ($lines as $line)
                {if(strpos($line, $searchstr) !== false){$title[] = $line;}}

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