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[Feature Request] Subtitle naming database "MakeMKV CDDB"

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 9:11 pm
by mgutt
Many MakeMKV users are doing the same steps. They create the MKV through MakeMKV and then open it through MKVToolNix/VLC to determine/name the subtitles. This can cost really much time. Why not shorten the process:
1.) if we create the file(s) and some or all of the subtitles have been named, MakeMKV extracts the unique disc ID and our namings and saves them on the MakeMKV server in a database.
2.) The next user who reads the same disc has all subtitles names pre-filled. By that we would have something like a "MakeMKV cddb" for movies!