Movies2MKV Converter Temp

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Movies2MKV Converter Temp

Post by rc4ester » Sat Jun 21, 2014 2:16 am

Over the past few months I have been developing an application that uses MakeMKV to convert ISO and Folder format movies or tv series to MKV files. Here is a picture of the application converting files:


The application does it best to find the main title of the movie or all the episodes of a tv series. It does this by finding a combination of largest size, Movie length, and number of chapters. However, if the application fails to find the right title. You do have the ability to choose a different title by double clicking on the movie item on the main screen. It will present a dialog with all the movie titles for the ISO or Folder.


If you are interested in trying the application, please let me know. I currently have a topic for downloading this, but the approval process takes a few days. If you PM me, I can send you a link to download it. I'd be interested in hearing feedback on the application and any improvements I can make to it.

System Requrements:
  • MakeMKV application
  • Windows operating system
  • Java 1.7 +
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Re: Movies2MKV Converter Temp

Post by watchy » Sun Jun 22, 2014 4:10 pm

Your program works very good. I appreciate you fixing bugs and adding features for me that you have. I recommend anyone needing to batch convert a lot of movies should check it out. Its saving me a lot of time.

Thanks again!

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