Duplicate video track on Blade Runner - Final Cut

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Duplicate video track on Blade Runner - Final Cut

Post by Nocturnal » Thu Aug 01, 2019 7:34 pm

First time MakeMKV user here, so maybe I did something wrong. In any case, I made an mkv of UltraHD/HDR Bluray of Blade Runner - Final Cut, and while this worked just fine, I now have two nearly identical mkvs. They have
  • The same audio tracks
  • The same video stream
  • The same chapters
  • The same subtitles
And while they seem almost identical, they are not bitwise identical some bytes differ all over the place, and one is a single byte (yes, a single byte) larger than the other.

Is this a bug? Why would there be the same video twice? Or is this something "broken" like the even frames in one stream and the odd ones in the other?

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