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Pokemon Detective Pikachu 4k playback garbled

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 6:09 am
by PredatorVI
I've ripped my 4k copy with both 1.14.3 and 1.14.4 and Plex DirectPlay-back of this title the video is garbled. If I play 4k from the Plex web client (transcodes down to 1080p) it also looks okay. My main devices to playback to my 4k TVs are nVidia SHIELD TV devices (all 2nd gen).

Any idea why or how I can correct this? I play all other 4k titles just fine so I'm assuming at this point it is something to do with the rip itself.

I'm not sure what to look for in the logs and such.


Re: Pokemon Detective Pikachu 4k playback garbled

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:52 pm
by tg_scooter
I also have this issue. I thought I did something wrong. I'm fairly new to 4k rips. So far, I have Justice League and Blade Runner 2049. They are not compressed, and they play fine on my 4k OLED TV via Plex App. After a few test encodes with handbrake and ffmpeg, I abandoned the idea of compression for fear of losing the HDR and frame rates.

But this Pokemon Detective Pikachu 4k file is not playing correctly. It's scrambled and completely gray except for the top left corner. Maybe 10% of the total screen size is playing the movie clearly, but it's just the corner of the image, it's not the entire scene crammed into the corner... if that makes sense. Conversely, the movie plays fine in lower resolution via desktop (720p monitors). Now I'm worried how many of these "weird" ones there are.

I've tried a few tweaks with ffmpeg, but so far it keeps removing HDR, and the frame rates drop (no longer 4k smooth motion). I'm not great with ffmpeg, so don't let that dissuade anyone from suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help

Re: Pokemon Detective Pikachu 4k playback garbled

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 2:44 am
by 1wayjonny

I had similar problems with my last 20 movies, I then thought my drive was failing even though the rips were between 100-150.

I then realized in the logs errors were sneaking in, bought two brand new drives (backups) and same thing.

Then I remembered the same old thread of about how crap the disc are and did 50% alcohol and 50% water and wiped good like a year ago.

Sure enough it went away and just finished re re-ripping brand new 20 disc and making sure each movie played well. It is exhausting. When I went back each BRAND NEW disc had human finger prints, specs, film grease from the black cases.

These disc and who makes them, its just terrible

I am now dealing with Finding Nemo which will not rip even after cleaning in all three drives. Its brand new and STILL exchanged it for another copy and sure enough that copy had more finger prints. cleaned it down and now still fighting hash errors.

I was just about to make a post to warn people but posting here is good enough. I have an excel sheet I printed to keep track of all the re-rips.

good luck

Re: Pokemon Detective Pikachu 4k playback garbled

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 7:04 pm
by tg_scooter
Today I tried again, and it plays fine on my 4k TV. I didn't change anything

...however, I'd feel guilty not mentioning that I switched my TV from 5ghz band Wifi to hardline ethernet.

The reason I'm hesitant mention this, is because I later disconnected the ethernet, and let the Wifi reconnect to the TV. I turned off the TV. Turned the TV on, opened Plex App (LG 65 B8 OLED smart apps) and the file plays fine. So even though it didn't start playing normal until after I connected the ethernet, I can't definitely say that had anything to do with it since it plays fine over Wifi as well.

Good luck

Re: Pokemon Detective Pikachu 4k playback garbled

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 11:06 am
by tg_scooter
Update. I discovered the issue I was having is around the audio tracks. By default, the 7.1 audio track is being used. Out of 25 UHD movies, I'm having these playback issues with 5-6 of them. Once I change the audio track to the 5.1 audio, the file plays without issue. The problem is either the built-in Plex app cannot handle the 7.1 track or the LG OLED tv cannot handle the 7.1 track. Hope this helps some folks!