Dolby Vision Capture

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Dolby Vision Capture

Post by roblrobl » Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:23 am

I'd like use MakeMkv to capture my Dolby Vision (DV) UHD disks, possibly compress them with handbrake, and play them back on the new nvidia shield pro using Plex. My Visio TV support both HDR10 and DV, and some of the shield apps properly play DV on my TV. The DV piece is the last major issue I need to solve - this workflow works with HDR10, Atmos, and DTS-X.

The problem is that after capturing a title with MakeMkv that should be Dolby Vision, playback on the shield indicates it is hdr10.

From the mp4mux thread, I gather this is a difficult issue, but I after chasing it down a bit, reading the FAQ's and other places, I'm still a bit confused on the situation. Is there a topic that has summary info on this problem? It appears like we might have the following problems:

* MakeMkv saving to a folder structure may save the DV layer, but saving a title to .mkv might discard it. Is this correct? It seems that handbrake can't open a folder structure, but it can open single title .mkv files. That's a problem with the folder method.
* Files might have multiple video streams embedded in it, and DV might be a 2nd stream, and most players ignore/can't see the second steam?

A few other questions if anyone has the time! Much thanks for any help!!

* If I make a disk backup now with MakeMkv or open the 4k disk and save all titles, will it properly capture the DV encoded video now? Or should I hold off on backing up these titles until a future version of MakeMkv?
* Is the issue some simple metadata in the container that can be poked to the proper value?
* When I capture all tracks of a DV movie, they playback on shield pro and my TV shows HDR10, even though the box claims DV. I don't see any odd color issues (such as too bright video) - is some conversion from DV to HDR10 occurring? This occurs from the makemkv .mkv tracks as well as the handbrake encoded versions of those tracks.
* Are there any plans to improve MakeMkv to support DV in the future? What about hdr10+ or HLG?
* Is there any way MakeMkv can report the type of HDR on the Video pane so I can tell what I'm working with?
* In handbrake, do I need to pick 12-bit x265 for DV? Until now I'd been using 10-bit x265.
* Any other suggestions for this tool flow? Do others save multiple dimensions/formats, such as 2k downmixed, to allow easier watching on tablets during travel?

Much thanks!

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Re: Dolby Vision Capture

Post by st4evr » Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:00 am

Ok, I’m going to be as brief a possible with this, because this horse has been beaten to death over the last 2+ years. This information is widely available by now and easy to obtain by doing a simple search on Google or within this forum.

You have a couple of options:

1. The method discussed in that mp4 mux thread.

2. Full folder structure backup and then playback on a standalone player that supports this type of backup structure and DV. (E.g OPPO 203\205)

Currently the MKV container does not support DV. Period. And it may never ever support it. Why? Again, the reasons discussed in detail countless of times already.

Also, you are making a several of incorrect assumptions in your post. You are confusing yourself.

Read these threads: ... ppo+vision ... sed#p70451

They may be helpful and are somewhat shorter than the mp4 mux thread and contain the “gist” of this. And these are just two of the literal hundreds out there on this topic. Not just within this forum.

Lastly, this is the MakeMKV support forum. Not the Handbreak, or Plex, or Shield support forum. Each one of those apps/hardware have their own separate developers and forum support sources/communities. If you need help or advise on those then you should use those sources. They will be best fit to advise how their software/hardware works and have communities focused on those specifically.

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Re: Dolby Vision Capture

Post by roblrobl » Tue Dec 03, 2019 8:02 pm

Thank you, those links were quite helpful!

I realize that other parts of my toolchain aren't part of MakeMkv, I only posted that to paint the bigger picture, and perhaps to get a comment from anyone else using a similar process.

Looks like DV will be a non-starter for a long time for me. The path that does get it and requires AC3 I believe is a poor tradeoff. I'd rather have Atmos sound or DTS:X and HDR10 than DV and the poorer sound. It also sounds like HDR10+ might get Mkv support and be a better long term path.


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