Just installed LG WH16NS60, PC keeps rebooting

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Just installed LG WH16NS60, PC keeps rebooting

Post by NickNewb » Fri Apr 19, 2019 5:10 pm

EDIT: Do not waste your time reading this. I don't know what the heck is going on over here, lol. Either my power company is having issues or this drive made all the power in my house go out, I don't know. The power went out, then after about an hour came back on. Just seems very odd that the power went out right after I installed this drive and the computer was going haywire just shutting off randomly a few times before all the power in my entire house went out.

Mods, if you're able to and want to, please delete this post. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello, I'm running Windows 7 and have just bought a new LG WH16NS60 drive. I turned off my PC, disconnected my old LG GBC-H20L drive, and installed my new one. When I turn on the PC, I hear the new drive make noises as if it's coming on, then when the PC starts to boot into Windows, the drive makes one more noise, and the PC just shuts off and restarts, then I get the message 'Windows did not shut down properly, boot into Normal Mode, Safe Mode, etc.' If I press Enter to just boot into Normal Mode, same thing - it starts booting Windows, the drive makes a noise, then the PC reboots again.

Anyone have any idea on what might be going on here?

EDIT 1: It is an HP computer. I think I might need to go into BIOS to configure something, but I don't know what...
EDIT 2: It looks like all I needed to do in BIOS was to enable eSATA support. For some reason, it was disabled.
EDIT 3: Aaaand now the power in my entire house is out. All I did was replace a disc drive. The computer booted into Windows, I downloaded the latest MakeMKV, opened the app, and BOOM, all power in my house goes out. I can't believe it'd be this drive, but uhh, maybe? No one in my neighborhood's power is out. On my motherboard, there is 1 SATA power out connector. There's a cable going into that, and that cable has 3 SATA power connectors on it. 1 goes to a 500GB HDD, 1 goes to a 120 GB SSD, and the last one is going to this new drive. Weird.
EDIT 4: After about an hour, touching literally nothing on my circuit breaker, my house's power came back on, so maybe it *was* an issue with my power company. I don't know. Sorry for wasting anyone's time reading this!

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