LG WH16NS40 1.02 Drive question

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LG WH16NS40 1.02 Drive question

Post by jonsnowstaint » Fri Aug 09, 2019 8:57 pm

Hey everyone, I just got a LG WH16NS40 fw1.02 drive to replace my pioneer once i discovered you could potentially rip 4k blurays with it. so far, LibreDrive works great and I can rip the UHDs without major issue. Except the speed. It gets to about 23M/s which is like 5x or so and then drops down to 2-3x speeds for the last half of the rip. does anyone know if its possible to flash or cross flash firmware to improve the rip speed so its constant or is it dependant on the discs? I did notice it had the "unrestricted speed: possible but not enabled" in the drive information section of MakeMKV.

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Re: LG WH16NS40 1.02 Drive question

Post by Billycar11 » Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:17 pm

Faster fw is WH16NS60 1.00 or 1.01mk
It won't unlock unrestricted read speed that's is a makemkv controlled feature and has not be enabled yet by the developer

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