Custom firmware pack with LibreDrive patches

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Re: Custom firmware pack with LibreDrive patches

Post by dobyblue » Wed Jun 12, 2019 3:12 pm

Had an LG WH14NS40 that had the RoHS where the version was supposed to be (svc?) which let me know it was never going to support LibreDrive. Found the WH16NS60 with a late 2018 mnfc date on Newegg Canada for CDN$125 and downloaded the flasher, worked like a charm! LibreDrive up and running.

Thanks so much for making everything so easy gang, you are appreciated!

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Re: Custom firmware pack with LibreDrive patches

Post by supersonik » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:03 am

i'm an owner of an LG BH16NS55. i'm very new to all this kind of things so i was unsure if it really works this easy and fast.
but yea it does first attempt to flash an optical drive and it was straight success enabled libredrive.

i got a question, what does it mean in the main window of makemkv
"Highest AACS version: 66" and what are the consequences of it ?
i knew that AACS is an DRM which is present on any bluray disc in different version.
but is the higher the number is the newer is the movie/series etc. ?
or is what ?

also i'm not that familiar with the phpbb search engine, maybe there ar already a thread about it, how could i enable "Unrestricted read speed" ?
hex manipulating in the firmware image or something more easier ?

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Re: Custom firmware pack with LibreDrive patches

Post by jonghotti » Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:51 am

Hardisk wrote:Hey Everyone!

Finally diving into the Libre Drive world with my new OWC Pro BH16NS40 MT1959. I downloaded the firmware pack and see two folders for the BH16NS40, but one is empty! Does the NS50 work for the MT1959 model too?

Yes you want to use the bh16ns40-ns50 and the service code on your drive should read NS50 as well.

So which model of OWC did you buy to receive a BH16NS40? I was under the impression they only shipped WH16NS40s.

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