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LibreDrive and sensitivity to scratched disks

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:02 pm
by garlic_pigment
Is LibreDrive more likely to produce broken mkvs?

I'm not an expert, but it sounds like LD basically trades some error correction to ensure readability. If so, maybe that makes it more likely to produce corrupted files if the disc isn't in pristine condition? I feel like my first two discs have run into that.

I recently flashed an ASUS BC-12B1ST b. The two test BRs I ripped each had a similar error.

VLC always crashes at the same second. Say, always at 33 min on one, always 1h21m32s on the other or something.

If I skip past the error before I hit it, VLC can play the rest normally.

Handbrake and mkvmerge both give up when they hit that point, so they produce short files, like a new 33 min encoded mkv.

The discs looked like they were in good shape to the naked eye, no visible scratches. But cleaning with a soft cloth and re-ripping did seem to move the error point back on one of the discs, from 33 min to 54 min.

I'm worried about cleaning more aggressively, that I might damage the discs. I usually keep my discs in very good condition, most of my rips go through without any issues.

Is this just an aspect of LibreDrive? Requires much cleaner discs? Or was I just unlucky and had two bad discs in a row?

Thanks, sorry if this is known, I found a couple similar threads, but not exactly on point.

Re: LibreDrive and sensitivity to scratched disks

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 2:46 am
by SamuriHL
From my understanding, all the files on the disc are hashed to ensure they are read properly so I don't believe it will produce corrupted results.