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Paid services by fellow forum members. Not affiliated with MakeMKV.
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About this subforum

Post by mike admin » Sun Apr 28, 2019 10:05 am

This sub-forum is a place for those who wants to buy a "friendly" or LibreDrive-compatible drive and for those, who can provide these services. Please note that all services are provided by fellow forum members, and are not affiliated with MakeMKV. While the firmware flashing process tends to become somewhat easier, this place is for you If you do not feel confident flashing the drive firmware and want to avoid all the hassle altogether.

I personally would not endorse (or advise against) anyone who offers services here, please use common sense - do read feedback and talk to the seller before transaction. Many members do have a long list of happy customers.

This sub-forum is for the ads, feedback and related discussion. Please keep the technical discussions in parent forum.

Also this is a good place to discuss where to buy a specific drive, current prices, promotions etc...

Thank you.