Fedora RPM spec for MakeMKV

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Fedora RPM spec for MakeMKV

Post by logic » Sun Oct 07, 2018 5:21 am

Not sure if this is interesting to anyone here, but I put together a quick spec for MakeMKV (attached to this post).

Only tested on Fedora 29, and building it requires some experience with building RPMs, but a high level summary:
  • install the rpmdevtools and mock packages
  • add yourself to the "mock" group, log out, log in again
  • download the attached makemkv.spec file, make sure it's named correctly (ie. not makemkv.spec.txt)
  • run "spectool -g makemkv.spec" to download the makemkv bin and oss tarballs
  • as root, copy /etc/mock/fedora-28-x86_64.cfg to /etc/mock/makemkv.cfg and add stanzas for the RPMFusion free and non-free repositories (and their updates repos)
  • as a user in the "mock" group, run "mock -r makemkv --sources=. --spec=makemkv.spec"
  • if that works, copy the resulting .src.rpm from the results directory that it prints out to your current directory
  • as a user in the "mock" group, run "mock -r makemkv --rebuild makemkv*.src.rpm"
  • if *that* works, install the .x86_64.rpm from the results directory and enjoy
Looking at the license terms, it seems redistributing this in the RPMFusion non-free repository is explicitly okay, but just in case, I figured I'd post this here to get feedback first.
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