Bugfix for QT 5.7

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Bugfix for QT 5.7

Post by Iridias » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:41 am

The oss-package (even of the latest version 1.10.4) does not compile by default, if you have QT 5.7 installed on your machine!
Thats because starting with version 5.7 QT requires a compiler with C++11 support. GCC does have C++11 support - but unfortunately its not enabled by default.
It must be enabled by passing the flag "-std=c++11" to the compiler.

So to get makemkv-oss compiling, you have to edit the Makefile!
Search for the line starting with "CFLAGS" and add this string to the end (of course without the quotes ...and there must be a space between this and the previous flag). That should do the trick.

Would be nice, if this could be there by default in the next version of MakeMKV.

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