Bluray extraction problems

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Bluray extraction problems

Post by dfavor » Mon Aug 01, 2016 9:37 pm

Using BDR-XS06 drive, recent version purchased in past few days. Unsure of firmware version. I'll keep researching to try + figure this out.

Set of 15 Bluray disks.

Most extract correctly. A few problems exist on several disks.

1) Some disks extract each episode in separate files + also extract an additional file which is a concatenation of all episodes.

2) Some disks only extract all episodes concatenated in a single file. So 4x episodes + extras into one 35G file.

#1 is annoying + easy to live with. Just remove the concatenated file.

#2 is a headache, as to do a lossless split of the 35G file into separate files requires ffmpeg with copy audio/video codecs + takes a good bit of time to figure out math to guess at episodes. This also requires building ffmpeg from source correctly. I do an ffmpeg source build every night + I doubt most people have the patience to do this.

Let me know the best way to provide debug info required to resolve #2.


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Re: Bluray extraction problems

Post by Woodstock » Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:25 pm

Welcome to the world of BD TV authoring.

Variations include:

All episodes in one file, no other way to access them except by jumping to specific "scenes", must be split up after ripping.

All episodes in individual files.

All episodes in one file, but play lists included that can access the separate episodes, so MakeMKV can pull the individual files.

Episodes constructed "on the fly", with titles and credits inserted via seamless branching, so that more episodes can fit on a disk. This is actually quite rare...

You do NOT have to recode if the episodes begin and end on chapter markers; search for "mkvtoolnix" and look at the tool mkvmerge. It can split on chapter boundaries, as well as re-arrange tracks within the title, with no recoding involved.
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