MakeMKV + SoftRAID = massive stalling.

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MakeMKV + SoftRAID = massive stalling.

Post by WilliamG » Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:53 pm

Hey all, I’m a big movie guy, and I have all my personal Blu-rays and UHDs in ISO format. I realized I wanted to simplify things and make MKVs out of all my ISOs, so I bought MakeMKV.

System: 2018 Mac mini, MacOS Mojave + Thunderbay 4 RAID arrays + MakeMKV 1.14.2

I’ve found that SoftRAID5 arrays and MakeMKV do not get on AT ALL. When making MKVs, the entire process can stall completely for minutes on end, with the final MKV taking the better part of 2 hours to create. It does complete, though, with no errors.

When creating an MKV from an ISO on a non-RAID5/non-SoftRAID drive, it can take just a couple of minutes, at blazing speed.

While the MakeMKV app is stalled on my RAID5, I’m still able to copy completely different files on and off the RAID5 drives without issues at full speed, but MakeMKV remains completely stalled. It’s just very odd.

I chatted with the SoftRAID developers, and they said this:

"SoftRAID uses OS X for all reads and writes. SoftRAID publishes volumes just as OS X does. this prevents driver compatibility issues. However, some developers have not always used the correct published volume identifier. Just a guess."

Does anyone have any ideas about this?

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