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automatic window size change

Post by renfield » Wed May 29, 2019 5:59 pm

For BD backup, whenever the "Output file" field changes in size, makemkv changes the window size if the text doesn't fit in the current window. makemkv only grows the window size, it does not shrink if the text is smaller than the window size.

This is super annoying.

If the text is longer than the full width of the screen, it just gets truncated I think? So makemkv cannot always grow the window large enough, and it seems to deal with it just fine.

The window size should always be a user choice, not change arbitrarily.

Suggest to split "Output file" into 2 fields, "Destination folder" which is the selected backup path, and then "Output file" which is the partial path under that folder. This will relieve the "need" for a wider window, which isn't really needed anyway. If the filename is truncated due to window width, so what. No one is watching and actually reading the filenames, looking for some value at which time they will do something.


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