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Finding Vanishing Rips due to missing Name string

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 5:44 pm
by mrchowmein
This maybe helpful to someone in the future. I wasnt able to find it when I searched around.

Fight Club is one of those blurays with no name or title strings. It's just a period "." for all the titles.

I accidentally saved the rip to my Movies directory without fixing the file name and the rip vanished. I was down 33gb! I used Spotlight and wasnt able to find the .mkv files. At first, I was going to post here to see if anyone could help, but then I realized the "." itself changed the file to a hidden file. The default (non-expert) mode will just use the name strings in the BR to populate the outfile file name. However since Fightclub was using "." , when prepended to a file, it turns it into a hidden file. FYI, if you want to hide files, you can do this too. MacOS Finder will not allow you to see this hidden file even if you turned it on from Finder (Shift+Command+.), you need to go into Terminal.

So... to recover the hidden file.
-go into Terminal and navigate to you the directory where you saved the rip
-type the following to reveal all the hidden files. -a flag reveals all files:

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ls -a
-the hidden mkv should appear as something similar to: "._t01.mkv"
-rename the file by typing

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mv ._t101.mkv newfilename.mkv
-go back to finder and your file should reappear.