New Hardware Build, New User

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New Hardware Build, New User

Post by krbjmpr » Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:55 pm

So, first post here...please bear with me.

We have a grandson! When I raised my two kids, we went through a destroyed many dads and their duplicates. I want to try and skip the duplicates altogether, and just rip to a hard drive.

Then found Plex, and so think will be going that route but locate it on NAS that is still unbuilt. Eventually will be tied in with Tablo.

1) I am sure many here have built up a NAS box, and are using successfully. What platform / board did you start with?

2) Plex is being considered only because I can tie easily to Roku for content playback. Is there a better way?

3) It looks like Makemkv can be automated, but under Linux. I am trying to learn Ubuntu but hard to teach old dogs... Is Linux best for what need, or should so consider windows embedded?

4) on your current hardware, if you did it again what would you change? Why?

5) How many drives is makemkv able to support for simultaneous operations? We have ×many× DVD, gonna take a long time 1 at a time. So, multiple DVD drives used if possible. If there is enough horsepower. I did txt and email about a friendly uhd drive a bit ago. Heck, maybe I will finally get around to digitizing all of the many vhs and beta tapes I have. Why stop there, I should do the videodisks and laser disks too. I doubt if those 2 players even work anymore.

Helluva first post, but I have always been a nonconformist.

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