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Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:21 pm
by Blu-Shield
I've been getting error messages when attempting to rip a specific DVD, but other DVDs have ripped fine in the same optical drive.

When I put the DVD in the drive, MakeMKV gives the error message "Error 'Scsi error - ILLEGAL REQUEST:READ OF SCRAMBLED SECTOR WITHOUT AUTHENTICATION' occurred while reading 'BD-RE TSSTcorp BDDVDW SE-506CB TS02' at offset '1048576'". The DVD looked almost spotless the first time I attempted to open it with MakeMKV, but just in case, I tried cleaning the disc with a microfibre cloth, only to end up with the same result. I also tried the disc in a different optical drive, with the same result.

I've ripped the disc with debug logging and AV sync messages enabled, and attached the log file. That error message occurred twice: the first time was when I inserted the DVD into the drive, and the second time was when I told MakeMKV to open the DVD.

The disc in question is the first DVD in Madman Entertainment's "Fate/stay night Complete Collection". The collection has the product code "MMB390", while the first disc is labelled "MMA3911". The second disc ("MMA3912") doesn't give the error message described above (nor do other anime DVDs, either from Madman Entertainment, or from Siren Visual).

I'm running MakeMKV v1.14.3 on Linux, using the precompiled binaries provided by Flathub.

Is the DVD faulty? Is it a problem with MakeMKV? Are these errors harmless? Does anyone have any ideas?

Should I email support about this (as per