QI Series C: Narrated Slideshow Not Rippable

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QI Series C: Narrated Slideshow Not Rippable

Post by koberulz » Mon May 27, 2019 10:48 pm

QI Series C has a "Chat" bonus feature, which is an audio commentary of sorts with a picture slideshow rather than it occurring over the episodes. I can't seem to rip it.

When I do it automatically only two of the segments pop up, running eight and 13 minutes. The whole thing is a 23-chapter, hour-and-24-minute track.

When I open it manually I can see the 1:24:05 title containing 23 chapters in 23 cells. But when I rip it, I get eight minutes of audio accompanied by a freeze-frame of the first of the slideshow images.

There are also a handful of other titles here that aren't visible in automatic mode, so I ripped all of them totalling 22 chapters and 22 cells over 7 titles. But when I play them back in VLC the playback slider doesn't work, it starts out in the last "chapter", and selecting any other chapter simply restarts the video and marks the last chapter as the current chapter.

I muxed them all together in MKVtoolnixGUI, just to see if that would work, and it doesn't. It comes out at only 34:58, and displays images at random including fast-forwarding through dozens of them while the audio carries on as normal if I try to skip around during playback.

Is there any way I can get this title down?

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