Sound problem

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Sound problem

Post by ro2124 » Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:44 am

Got a weird problem trying to copy a DVD disc.

Actually it's a disc from Germany with original language in French, which gives you an option of French and German.
To start off with it took ages to even analyse, I had this message which didn't look too promising:
>Using direct disc access mode
>Complex multiplex encountered - 17 cells and 11480 VOBUs have to be scanned. This may take some time, please be patient - it can't be avoided.
>Title #1 was added (17 cell(s), 1:39:27)
<Complex multiplex encountered - 1 cells and 2930 VOBUs have to be scanned. This may take some time, please be patient - it can't be avoided
After ages the disc was finally ready for copying but when it finished although the picture quality was perfect, had absolutely no sound whatsoever.
Tried various players but nothing, looking at the options there didn't seem to be a soundtrack at all.
when looking at the file with MediaInfo prog, it says language English which seems a bit weird as it's supposed to be in German and French.

But again looking at the audio listing there doesn't seem to be any audio track at all.
anyway tried everything, different media players, absolutely no sound whatsoever so I don't know whether this is some extra protection, considering the trouble it took to get it analysed in the first place.

Actually come to think of it had this problem once before about analysing with the same message it will take ages,etc on that occasion after 4 bloody hours it was still analysing with no end in sight, so I gave up on that occasion-

anyone got any ideas?
is this some kind of new protection?

Oh yeah just to clarify I am using the latest version of MakeMKV and the disc plays normally with sound, just copying is the problem

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Re: Sound problem

Post by Woodstock » Wed Jul 03, 2019 2:18 pm

Start at Changing names with Expert mode enabled

What audio tracks do you see when you expand the title's selection window entry, using expert mode?
How to aid in finding the answer to your problem:

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Re: Sound problem

Post by ro2124 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 1:47 pm

Just a quickie..prob solved ,problem was with language setting which was set to English, I changed the language setting, now it's no problem and sound is fine

So it's important to either set language to None or the language of disc. None is probably best as it will likely use the default language of disc.
So was fairly easy problem to solve, one just has to be aware of the language settings issues which I wasn't before.

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