MKV Won't convert all content

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MKV Won't convert all content

Post by cpoorbaugh1 » Sun Sep 13, 2020 10:26 pm

I used to use a combination of DVD43 to code bust factory DVD's and DVD Shrink to copy the portions of the disk I wanted to keep, and then burn with a NERO program. (Common DVD's)

Those were 32 bit programs. Now I use a 64 bit machine and want to copy the first of two disks in a set that makes up a 15 chapter serial. It is copy protected. The first disk holds 10 chapters plus some other info.

To date, I have not found a way to have all 10 chapters converted. The files are laid out is some manner that I cannot fathom, and can't really find the last two chapters on this disk, 9 & 10. When inserted into a player there they are, as well as on the menu.


Chapter 1 is the first 8 chapters end to end. chapters 2 thru 11 are program chapters Common Open title for each chapter (2) and content chapters 1 thru 8. This makes 10 chapters in structure, and only 8 chapters of content. where can they be hidden??

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