Jumanji (1995) subtitle problem

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Jumanji (1995) subtitle problem

Post by Pheran » Thu Sep 13, 2018 4:36 am

Jumanji (1995) is unusual in that it needs a single forced subtitle for a foreign language line right at the end of the movie. I have the Blu-ray/UHD set and I'm having the same trouble with both discs - I can't find a sub track with just this line, and if I try to get the forced subs from the main English track, MakeMKV just discards it and says it's empty. It's entirely possible that the disc is authored incorrectly and doesn't have that sub marked as forced.

Is there some software I can use to extract that single subtitle from the end of the track and place it into its own track? If I could do that I'd have no problem using MKVToolNix to mark that track as forced.

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Re: Jumanji (1995) subtitle problem

Post by Pheran » Thu Sep 13, 2018 5:08 am

Never mind, of course as soon as I posted this I figured it out. I think I was trying to pull the forced subtitle from the hearing-impaired track, and it isn't marked as forced there. But if you get the right track you can pull out a forced subtitle. This disc is fairly unusual in that it does have an embedded forced subtitle instead of a separate track though.

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Re: Jumanji (1995) subtitle problem

Post by Grauhaar » Thu Sep 13, 2018 9:04 am

No idea if the "missing" forced subtitle is part of a normal or an extra track, but an subtitle can be extraced and manipulated from an existing track

Following step are needed:
- Extract the subtitle track which have the forced subtitle as nomal subtitle flagged from the mkv file with mkvextract (part of MkvToolNix)
- Use the Tool BDsup2sub (Java) with GUI.
- Open the extracted subtitle track (.sup) in BDsup2sub
- Select the "Output Format" to "SUP(BD)" in the Top Menü
-Select the wanted subtitle from the numbered list and click on the window in the lower right corner to start the editor mode
- Set the "Forced Flag" and press "Save Changes" for this title
- Save the file to a new name
- Open the saved new subtitle file with BD2sup2sub
- The Message Box should indicate that 1 Forced subtitle is found
- Recheck the "Output Format" for "SUP(BD)"
- Select "File -> Export and in the new Window select "Export forced only", use a new file name and save it
- Now you have the 1 forced title in an extra track
- Use the MergeMKV GUI (part of MkvToolNIX) to add the new subtitle track to the existing mkv file and move it in the correct position in the muxxing list. Set the language and flags (Standard and Forced) for the track.
- Muxx the file and the work is done
Good Luck :)
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Re: Jumanji (1995) subtitle problem

Post by XrayDoc88 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:08 am

So do I understand correctly that there is no single subtitle track that just has the forced subtitle at the end? Those brief forced subtitles are only available in a track that has subtitles for the entire movie?

1. How can you "pull out" a forced subtitle?
2. Which English subtitle track contained the forced subtitle? My disc has a total of 4 PGS English and 4 nested PGS English (forced only) tracks listed.


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