Issue creating blu ray disc copy from backup

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Issue creating blu ray disc copy from backup

Post by joshuagoard » Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:18 pm

Hi everyone. I have been having trouble with 3d discs. I have read a few of the other threads but they all seem to peter out before my specific issue is resolved.
I now understand that in order to playback an MKV in 3d you have to do it on a computer with the right software. Cool...

I have been trying to create a copy of a disc I own using the backup feature and then burning the BDMV folder and Certificate folder using IMGBURN.

I create the backup fine.
I add the folders and burn them to disc fine.
I put the BD-R disc into my blu ray player and it shows the initial Movie Company logo screen with sound and then goes to a black screen and nothing...3 discs. Have tested other discs from the same batch that were created using Leowo Blu Ray Copy and they work fine.

Any ideas? Do we need the certificate folder? It just has another empty folder in it titled "Backup" Do we need the makemkv folder that is included with the backup files?

Has anyone successfully used MakeMKV and ImgBurn to create a copy of a blu ray disc? Specifically a 3d disc? I am using 12.1.2 since I read the latest has some issues. Thank you for any help.

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