Issues with Land of the Lustrous Disc 2

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Issues with Land of the Lustrous Disc 2

Post by Laraso » Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:03 pm

So disc 1 reads just fine, no issues, I was able to run it perfectly:

However, I'm having tons of issues with disc 2.

It either spins for 2 minutes trying to load the disc before giving up and telling me that there is no disc loaded, or it loads (miraculously) and then takes 50 minutes to try and mount while throwing tons of hash check, scsi, hardware, and offset errors.

After reading about these errors on here, I was under the impression that it might be an issue with the drive, so I bought a new one, but had the same exact issue with it: disc one would load, disc two would not.

So I assumed that maybe I just got a bad disc, and returned the box set I purchased and got a new one.

However, I still have the same issue even with a new set: disc one works fine, disc two doesn't.

Does anyone know what might cause this?

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