Is "backup" a complete backup

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Is "backup" a complete backup

Post by thercrh » Tue May 07, 2019 11:42 pm

I've made "backups" of a few discs that are playlist obfuscated in the hopes of eventually finding a method to isolate the correct mpls. I've now evaluating PowerDVD 19 and it won't play the menus of these backups.
The backups were made with version 1.14.3

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Re: Is "backup" a complete backup

Post by Woodstock » Wed May 08, 2019 12:47 am

Backup copies the structure of the BD to disk. "Official, licensed players" like PowerDVD, are supposed to reject it because the copy protection is gone. They may play it if you do an encrypted backup.

As for undoing the obfuscation, I've read a lot of different postings on this forum, and it seems that the Java code to point to the correct title expects the information it reads to be encrypted. If it isn't, it won't give up the correct play list. I'm not sure if this is really true - it's just the impression I get from reading a few dozen different "how to find the playlist" topics.

Personally, I avoid buying anything from Lionsgate. But, if I do and MakeMKV doesn't automatically find the correct play list, I follow the instructions for submitting the information necessary to help MakeMKV recognize it in the future:
How to aid in finding the answer to your problem:

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