Sound Error in LPCM of the movie Unbreakable

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Sound Error in LPCM of the movie Unbreakable

Post by mike_mgoblue » Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:18 pm

SUBJECT: Possible error in the 16-bit LPCM format of the Blu-ray movie called "Unbreakable."

I bought Unbreakable and successfully converted it to MKV. I thought everything was fine. I then started watching the movie using MPC-BE. At 8 Minutes 30 Seconds into the movie, there is a "static crackling" sort of noise that comes from the right side. This sound seems to be shared in the Front Right speaker and the Rear Right speaker. The sound format is 16-bit 5.1 LPCM.

When I played this MKV file from my laptop computer via HDMI into my Onkyo A/V Receiver, the A/V Receiver said the signal being received was LPCM in 5.1 sound.

I tried several different apps for playing this MKV of Unbreakable. Each of them also had this unusual "static" and "crackling" sound in the exact same spot. So, this made me think the Player apps were not the problem.

The next thing I did was change the sound format to the other option, which was "Dolby Digital 5.1" in 640kbs. When I reached that same spot at 8 Minutes 30 Seconds, the "static and crackling" sound was not heard. ... This made me think that perhaps the MKV file had a problem with just the LPCM format.

I then decided to put the actual Blu-ray disc inside my Xbox One to see if the "static and crackling" noise was heard. At 8 Minutes 30 Seconds, the "static and crackling" noise that sounds like it is a glitch and shouldn't be there actually was heard, just as it was on the MKV file. The thing that was different was my Onkyo A/V Receiver showed the Audio Input as "Multichannel" that is "7.1"

The Xbox One caused the A/V Receiver to show the Audio Input as "Dolby Digital EX 6.1." The static and crackling noise did not exist in this format on the Xbox One, just as it did not exist on the laptop.

QUESTION #1: What I would like to know is why the format of LPCM 16-bit has this obvious sound difference that sounds like a glitch of "static and crackling," but the Dolby Digital format does not?

QUESTION #2: Why do the laptop apps such as MPC-BE show the sound format as "LPCM 16-Bit 5.1" while while Xbox One is apparently sending out a format of "Multichannel 7.1" when using that format?

QUESTION #3: Why do the laptop apps such as MPC-BE show the sound format as "Dolby Digital 5.1" while the Xbox One sends out a signal the A/V Receiver interprets as "Dolby Digital EX 6.1"?

QUESTION #4: If you have the movie "Unbreakable" with Bruce Willis in it, can you please look at the seen at 8 Minutes 30 Seconds when Bruce Willis is on the train. Do you hear this "static and crackling" noise from the right side when using the LPCM 16-bit format?

Your thoughts and advice as to what is causing this and whether or not it is normal in all discs would be appreciated.

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