Intro sound but no voices/most sounds

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Intro sound but no voices/most sounds

Post by DrMantisTobogganMD » Wed Jul 24, 2019 4:17 pm

Trying to backup Rick and Morty and video is great, intro is great, but the meat of the video has no voices. Some sound effects are there, like doors closing, someone shifting, guns firing etc, but not most. In Makemkv, there are 2 5.1 audio tracks (TrueHD and Dolby), as well as a stereo track. I have tried each track individually (TrueHD, Dolby, and stereo) and the two 5.1 together. The stereo seems to be a commentary track talking about the episode so that leads me to the 5.1s.

In VLC, switching between audio tracks when both are in the file seems to do nothing. Below is a screencap of the tree with the audio tracks. In Makemkv there are no errors reported in the log.


My apologies if this has been covered somewhere else as I searched and found similar-type issues and tried those solutions but nothing changed.

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Re: Intro sound but no voices/most sounds

Post by gt4400 » Wed Aug 28, 2019 5:13 pm

I ran into a similar issue and found that I needed to make a quick adjustment to VLC. Most likely, your backup is fine.

Once the video starts playing, select Audio|Stereo Mode|Stereo.

It appears that some titles encoded for surround sound do not have any dialogue on the default audio channels upon playback, but when you tell VLC to combine them into a simple stereo (left + right) signal, you hear all of the audio channels. This probably has something to do with the audio capabilities and config for the playback device you are using. If you play through an AV receiver with surround capabilities, all should work well.

Hope this helps!

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