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Multiple playlists

Post by ldoodle » Wed Dec 09, 2015 2:57 pm

I've used that title as I've discovered it now applies to DVDs too, but they're listed as Angles! Reading on the 'net, Angles doesn't necessarily mean camera angles, but could mean Theatrical cuts, Directors cuts etc.

I originally started out ripping my content using AnyDVD to VIDEO_TS and BDMV folders. I now to to convert those folder rips to MKV to strip out all the non-essentials so I'm left with just the movie (to save a ton of HDD space).

This is getting tiresome. As you know, some Blu's also have a million playlists to prevent you from doing it easily.

I've got 500+ films to convert. I've read you need PowerDVD and the original disc + Process Monitor to find the correct one - well all my discs are in the loft and I can't be arsed getting them down and doing that process for them all, one by one.

The other option is to create an ISO rip with AnyDVD and create a log file to upload to them - again, not going to do that.

So I need a reliable way to quickly find the correct playlist (for both DVD and Blu) from the current folder rip without mucking about.

Is there anyway without completely starting again?!

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Re: Multiple playlists

Post by Woodstock » Wed Dec 09, 2015 3:21 pm

You probably don't have 500 with this particular annoyance on them, even if you bought the entire Lionsgate catalog.

MakeMKV does a pretty good choice for most DVDs. Different movie cuts will usually have a different file name, because they will be assembled from different parts.

Disney disks will have two or three "main titles", with the English version usually being the lowest numbered one. The others are French and Spanish, with the changes being to the title and credits screens.

Lionsgate titles... best to search internet for someone who has your version of the disk. They use different play lists on different versions of the disk. I've only experienced 2 of them myself.
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